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Wings Vs Coyotes by Margaret
No doubt the star of the Wings Coyotes game was Marian Hossa, who was also featured on the flags the fans attending the game got. His stick handling abilities were incredible and he used the to his full advantage.His first goal of the evening was with the help of Pavel Datsyk who is back on the ice along with Zetterberg. Hossas second goal was an absolute beauty, as he tricked Kevin Porter into following him and slammed on the brakes at an opportune moment, leaving Porter to sail on by, and ...

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Looking for transplanted Detroiters now in Boston to watch the Red Wings vs. Bruins series with, any bars that Red Wing fans hang out at in Boston?
by Neil B. - 1 day ago
Any Red Wings fans heading to a particular bar to watch Red Wings vs. Bruins series? This born and raised Detroiter would love to watch with similar transplanted Michiganders.
by Neil B. - 1 day ago
How much are you asking for it?
by Cathwoolman - 3 days ago
Just do a google search for Detroit Red Wings and see what comes up.
by jade - 1 week ago
Have you found one yet?
by Looking for a home in hb - 1 week ago
Hi! My hubby and I are huge fans, we're looking for something too. Haven't found a place yet, but there is a solid number of fans in our area. I know the owner of Darwins in Sarasota is ...
by Mary - 1 week ago
Does anyone know what hotel the Red Wings stay at in Tampa?
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
I just came accross an amazing raffle if you happen to be in Florida the week of 12 /9/2013. A youth hockey organization is doing a raffle where you go see them play the Panthers with ...
by icemen51 - 2 weeks ago
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