2-4 Loss Wings Vs. Capitals

The wings have certainly seen better times than this as last nights game against the Capitals was yet again a loss, at 2-4, for the forth time running.
With some of the lead players still out with injuries - Zetterberg out for the second straight game, Holmstrom missed this trip to Washington and Hudler with a swollen foot was in questionable condition for the game. However, this gave Leino and Abdelkader a chance to get into the line up, both of them stepping up and pretty much shinning under the circumstances.

On another note Bruce Macleod wrote about the situation at the press conference announcing the finalization of Zetterbergs contract, as apposed to Hossa, who the negotiations are only starting out for.

In my short time writing about the wings, there has never been a game Hossa didn’t contribute to in a very active manner. Macleod has an interesting view of these events, and I can’t help but feeling a bit sad, that Hossa might not get his due in money or recognition of his efforts and contribution.

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