Close to new deal for Zetterberg
... ust so happens that Ken Holland and them are pretty much close to getting Henrik Zetterberg his new deal for up to 10 years. They want to get it done and out of the way by March 4 they hope. ...
by Beth
Wings Flames
Well What happen to our Red Wings playing the Calgary Flames. We should of won that game. I was there and the Flames did not do good 1rst and 2nd period. We seem to had been on fire more. Our Red ...
by Beth
Re: Wings Defense
Let's see how Hudler looks. Too bad about Grigorienko, but if he recovers he'll just be a year late, and we need a center more than a wing right at the moment. Actually, I'm not *too* worried even ...
by swap_v
Re: Well, now that the Blues are Gone
In large part, yes. Quennville patched together a team of AHL players, NHL journeymen and a very little bit of quality youth and depth into a team that surprised the hell out of me and made the ...
by alexsch
Hossa Maybe a Red Wing For Life
... ng term contrack done. It just so happens that Ken Holland is going to be signing Hossa a long term deal. He may not get as much as Zetterberg but Hossa said that he does not want a 1 or 2 year ...
by Beth
About Zetterberg
Do you all think that Henrik Zetterberg is going to leave Detroit after this year. I sure hope not. I can't see why he would leave Detroit after the fact he said he doesen't feel he would want to ...
by Beth
Re: Feeling Blue
... so, and we also lost. Dude, come on. Please stop making excuses for Hasek. He stunk tonight. No big deal, it happens sometimes. But he wasn't close to ...
by Atrahasis
Re: Hatch to be a Redwing?
I don't think he's going to sign with anyone until he backs off looking for a 5 year deal. If he comes back down to earth in that regard, Dallas still is the most likely to sign him. If he ends up ...
by Hbinwatx
Well, now we can drop the C-S stuff
Plenty to chat about, but I'm gonna pick one: The Calder. do they figger that one? Maybe I'm wrong, but if Jackman was THAT freakin' good, how come I didn't see his name as a Norris ...
by Citizen John
Re: Forsberg
What did Forsberg get paid this year? I read somewhere that when he skipped the season, he didn't get paid. I'm not sure how old that article though, and it is kind of fuzzy so I may have dreamed the ...
by salibello
Re: Congrats from a Canuck fan
... Calgary... the Canucks haven't let a single player go outright 'cause they couldn't afford him, or deal ...
by Sweets18
Refs hand Wings another one
Vancouver racks up more power play time and *still* loses? How could this possibly be? What spin will Burke throw on this one? Anti-Canuck conspiracy theories aside, here are some rambling musings ...
by freecool
Re: 19 penalties...
I wouldn't go that far. the vancouver refs seemed more biased. the st louis refs seemed to be pretty fair. I thought the calls were pretty cheesy most of the time, but they went both ways. one thing ...
by Sweets18
Re: Flyers fire Bill Barber!
Hmm, IMO Krupp -> LeClair is pretty good deal :))
by quasidog
Detroit Red Wings News Flashes
Zetterberg must Except What ever money he can get. So that way he can get a long term deal done. I feel that the Red Wings are smart enought to not let him go
by Beth
A Couple of Updates.
... o raise awareness to the need to have smoke detectors in working condition installed in homes. The deal is that there will be new detectors collected in the up comming game in which the Wings take ...
by Margaret
McCarthy's Back For One More Year
Its a done deal. Darren McCarty has a one year two way contract, additional terms of the contract were not disclosed, in accordance with team policy. McCarty, 36, is a 15 year NHL veteran, ...
by Margaret
Next Season's Team Coming Together
... key Net On July 2nd the Red Wings announced signing free agent forward Marian Hossa to a on year deal.The financial terms were not announced according to team policy, but TSN reports the contract ...
by Margaret

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