Lets have a nice clean Stanley Cup final series.......
Hi to our friends in Detroit and the surrounding area. We want to congratulate you on your hardfought series with the Avs. Now our teams will be facing each other for the grand trophy. May the action ...
by Aneish
Original Six Final
You waited thirty-five years to post a binary to a non-binary newsgroup? Or you waited thirty-five years to learn Usenet etiquette?
by David Zachmeyer
Chris chelio
In January of 2006 I sent a letter to Mr Chelio's resturaunt asking him about bringing my mother to his place to meet some of the players for her birthday. My mother is 74yrs old and has to be one of ...
by lkygrandma05
No need to worry about san hose...
well i dont think the wings are going to have to worry about the sharks this playoff series.. boy am i glad they finished second now... ducks are going to beat san hose this year... or if not, they ...
by wingnut
A few opinions on tonights game
I think Roy has looked human but we didn't take advantage of it. Power play has been bad. I think we were outplayed both games and tonight though we had the shots it did not seem like we had many ...
by nucshuco
Re: Refs hand Wings another one
'WalkinDude'wrote: Hehe, did you watch Ozzy the other night? Two of the most terrible goals I've ever seen! A two on one, and Ozzy plays the pass instead of the shot, just terrible, and then the wrap ...
by Aneish
Re: Chelios clip
Ya the final 6 minutes, almost after every stoppage of play **** was thrown on the ice. They had to delay puck drops numerous times to allow the refs to pick **** up
by Sweets18
As we ready for Game 5
Wings could clinch a birth in the conference finals with a win this afternoon. It's not over, but I don't see the Wings losing three straight to the Pronger-less Blues. Still, if the Wings were to ...
by ironpirate
Fearless predictions
Is anyone still keeping track of all of our pre-playoff predictions? Just wondering, since my unrivaled brilliance gave me a sweep of the second round. (Ahem!! 1-2 baybee...aaaaaand still not takin ...
by kc5qnk
The Stanley Cup to Be Used In Babtisim
... the Cup as a baptismal font. The forward, a member of the team that beat Pittsburgh in this year's final, suggested the creative use of hockey hardware to his cousin, Robert Sundstrom. He baptized ...
by Margaret
New Years Game Wings Vs Blackhawks at Wrigley
Rumor has it....well, not rumor but Christy says that the Minneapolis Star Tribune says that According to an NHL source, the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings will participate in the ...
by Margaret
Stress Free Stanley Cup Finals? Not on Your Life!
Woohoo!!!! I can breath again! the Stanley cup is finally where it should be, after a five year absence. The Penguins put up and excellent fight and towards the end of game five on Monday ...
by Margaret
Experience the Thrill of The Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Final
Today is the first game in the final series against the Pittsburg Penguins. For many Detroit fans this is going to be a difficult evening, as is Monday night, and some difficult choices will have ...
by Margaret
Once Again - Detroit Wings Vs Colorado Avalanche
Tonight is the night for the first game in the semi final playoff series - Detroit Wings Vs Colorado Avalanche. Two weeks ago Stan Fischler from Game on said: Normally, I'd side with a team ...
by Margaret

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