Win or Lose still nice Playoff year
Well im pretty sure we all knew that we were not going to beat the Pens on their ice. We seem to have better luck on our home ice. Iv notice this 1 thing the refs all they care is for the home team ...
by Beth
Re: Well, now that the Blues are Gone
Well, if you ask me, both of them (Q and Pleau) should be gone. Q has been in St. Louis 5-6 years and it seems like once the team gets into the playoffs, he just can't do anything to motivate his ...
by Orpheus
Re: I hope da wings go on a long winning streak and at leat get ...
As Long as the Wings can really start to win games then they should be fine. They can't lose any more then 6 games from 20 games left following the game agence the stupid Avalanche
by From Beth
Hole new team for our RED WINGS
Wow we all knew we were going to lose some players but. Some of them could of stayed Like Hossa was really willing to exsept less and i really think his agent forced him to go to a diffrent team. I ...
by Beth
Red Wings Did Wonderful This Season
... year but they did wonderful job playing this season WE ARE ALWAYS THE CHAMPS no matter if we win or lose. Best of Luck to our Red Wings next season. I look forword to when the new season starts ...
by Beth
Go Red Wings They Don't SUCK
... suck they would have a season like the Detroit Lions did were they lost every game. Red Wings don't lose every game. also im pretty sure that the Red Wings ...
by Beth
Re: Wow.
... rating coup for the NHL as they begin to approach TV rights negotiations. BTW - it is much worse to lose to well coached Minn ...
by ThreatChaos
A Wingnuts Pledge
... t glove-side. 2) I will not scream when Hasek plays the puck. 3) I won't whine like an Av fan IF we lose a game. 4) I will still hate Claude ...
by David Zachmeyer
Re: Best sign award?
Nah, the best one was the kid with the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty with the Avs logo on it, captioned, 'Lose something, Roy?' Cup finals, baby! Go Wings! Wahoo! - Deb
by kc5qnk
While I realize your comments are probably the result of the excitement associated with attending your first day of school....any hockey player who gets to even the college level has had their fair ...
by quasidog
Re: Congrats from a Canuck fan
enders... But that 'money problem' isn't close to as bad as some Wings fans seem to think. Vancouver isn't as bad as Edmonton or Calgary... the Canucks haven't let a single player go outright 'cause ...
by Sweets18
Thrusdays game...
... They get into a nice winning streak and play solid. But, when they are due for a loss, they usually lose big. The good news: Nice goal by Dats! and we are still up 2-1. NO WINGS FAN WANTS ...
by nucshuco
Re: Round Two
OK. Ozz goes down. Sigh. Altho I BET Toronto. Go figger. Leafs in 6. They just seem SOOO emotional. Destiny's second pick. Only to lose to a West team in the end. God..please a Wings/Leafs series?!?!
by juliedacdedrw
Re: Brian Burke
I loved that sign in the crowd: BURKE -SHUT UP -LOSE -GO HOME
by barbara.maggi
As we ready for Game 5
... I don't see the Wings losing three straight to the Pronger-less Blues. Still, if the Wings were to lose today, and go back to St. Louis and ...
by ironpirate
Re: Fearless predictions
He's offended since someone predicted his Avs to lose. It's an inferior thing.
by Kedar
Some Suggestions We Don't Need
... r score. Pass the puck to the guys wearing the same colour jersey as yourself. It’s one thing to lose the puck on the boards of have it swiped from you. It’s another thing entirely to PASS the ...
by Margaret

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