What bars do red wings fan gather in to watch playoffs in Au...
What bars do red wings fan gather in to watch playoffs in Austin tx.
by Guest
Whosgoin 2 start in playoffs do u thnk howard or ozzy i hope...
whosgoin 2 start in playoffs do u thnk howard or ozzy i hope howard
by Guest
Is there a red wings fan bar to watch the playoffs?
Is there a red wings fan bar to watch the playoffs?
by Guest
Osgood In The Net For The Playoffs
Well Mike said that he is going to put Chris Osgood in the net for the start of the playoffs. Well we all can only hope that he will do better games by then. If he can stay closer to the net and not ...
by Beth
Wings are going to need an enforcer for the playoffs...
... ary and aniheim and san jose out there this year, the wings are going to need an enforcer for these playoffs.. what happened to mcarty this year, he played a handfull of games then ...
by wingnut
Osgood is nogood
well if the wings dont get a goalie and fast,, they arent making the playoffs this year.. they dont have a backup goalie like ty conklin to pull them out this year.. howard is awful and osgood is ...
by wingnut
Place your bets!
What is your prediction for the playoffs?
by jade
Wings need to stay strong
... to stay strong. There not doing that bad i mean look at Osgood he seems to be playing better in the playoffs rather ...
by Beth
Tonights game
tonight we send the aves on there summer vacation, or maybe they"ll watch and learn how a real team plays hockey by following the wings through the playoffs !!
by wyscaver
Well, now that the Blues are Gone
Yeah. Punish Q for Pleau's inadequacies. Such is the life of an NHL hockey coach. It was probably the worst goaltending matchup of the playoffs.
by manchop
Nice 5 games in a row
Wow really nice to see our Red Wings get Back on track by winning 5 games in a row after loseing 5 games in a row. Its also nice to know that Henrik Zetterberg is now scoring more goals now ever ...
by Beth
Looking for a wing fan filled place in Pittsburgh to watch t...
Looking for a wing fan filled place in Pittsburgh to watch the playoffs. Any help?
by Guest
How do we join up with other fans for tickets/seats for the ...
How do we join up with other fans for tickets/seats for the 1st round of the playoffs?
by Guest
Re: When was the last stanley cup game? detroit didn't play.
1990 i do beleave was the last time the Wings were not in the playoffs
by Beth
Re: Wow i cant beileve the chicago game they were rated #1 defen...
Yup Cool Game Howard was strong to keep us in the game at the end. Go Wings We Need To keep winning Games to have a chance to be in the PlayOffs
by Beth
Re: Wot does every1 think bout that wings aves game lastnite?
... not going to like it. Im pretty sure there is alot of teams that don't want the Wings to be in the playoffs but oh well:) I just hope that they do make it so they ...
by Beth
Re: Hole new team for our RED WINGS
how he played in the playoffs wasnt that great,, but i will tell you one thing.. 40 goals in the regular season sure helped.. And his loss this year will be noted i guarentee.. Todd bertuzzi will not ...
by wingnut
Re: Go Red Wings They Don't SUCK
Red Wings are great, anyone who thinks they suck has problems. WINGS+2009 playoffs= Repeat 2009 Stanley Cup Champions
by RBKstar66
Draper out for the 2 first games maybe longer
Draper said he hopes to not be out for long. I hope hes not hurt for long. Having are players hurt around Playoffs is a really bad time. Well lets hope no one elts gets hurt
by Beth
Johan Franzen Red Wing For Life YA!!!!!
Ken Holland has now made Johan Franzen a Red Wing for life for 11 year contrack. 1 year less the Henrik Zetterberg. They diden't just yet say how much Johan is going to get but he is with us for 11 ...
by Beth
Say goodbye to the presidents trophie..
... 6 games to go looks as if they arent going to get it... i hope they can step up there play for the playoffs, because ...
by wingnut
What is wrong with osgood????
wings are going noware in these playoffs without some stable netminding... Man osgood is terrible this year, he has the lowest save percentage of any goalie in the nhl... netminding wings games,, ...
by wingnut
Re: Well, I guess the Avs...
If the Wings play the boring hockey they showed us Saturday, our defense should be good enough to stifle even the Avs, as long as Hasek holds up. Still, while scoring just one goal, they were very ...
by nucshuco
Adam Oats
... O, it would be great to see him finish in Detroit. He certainly showed he can still play during the playoffs. He's a great center, and with a 1 year contract, he'd prove to be a lot cheaper than some ...
by hcg88b
Re: Well, now we can drop the C-S stuff
Playoffs don't count. The votes were tabulated. And I'm not saying that one game, head to head is the be all and end all. But at the time, Z and Jackman were frontrunners for the Calder. In two ...
by manchop
Weird playoffs. Avs AND Wings are done in the first round. What's worse? Getting swept by the worst team in the playoffs, or getting up 3 to 1 in a series against an expansion team, then losing? The ...
by Mintaoism
I don't know about anyone else but I'm so thankful for CBC Sports coverage on the playoffs... watching (or trying to watch) ESPN was like watching 'The Waah Show'. Too bad we had watch a television ...
by Mintaoism
Freddy Ollausson?
First Goal in 10 years in the Playoffs. GEESH! What a time
by ironpirate
Re: A Wingnuts Pledge
Taking up the cause now... though this happens rarely.....just look at his GAA. In the playoffs, we Wings fan LOVE his GAA. strengths. True, but thankfully... not a lot of stupid giveaways. Just ...
... about it. However, most pros would be after taking a FULL season off, then coming back just for the playoffs. There should be some rule against this. A manditory playing time in the league for that ...
by swatters
Re: A few opinions on tonights game
make the 'beautiful'shots or somthing of that nature. In the begining of the playoffs they made a comment like that to the press.
by scottb
Re: Patience my ****!
If you're talking about the playoff mendoza line, he's quite a bit under. .900 is fine in the regular season, but in the playoffs, you'll need a .910-.915 to win.
by Myddrin
Congrats from a Canuck fan
Detroit was the better team, and deserved the series. It was obvious Detroit got more respect from the officials (especially in the first 4 games), and we can only hope to get the same treatment when ...
by cihtingdf
Round Two
Predictions for Round II Western Conference Wings - Blues Detroit is coming off four straight wins and starting to play like they did when they looked unstoppable earlier in the year. The Blues are ...
by Scronty
Chelios clip
I caught the tail end of this last night and thought it was hilarious. I believe he was named 2nd or 3rd star and he really rubbed it into the Canucks fans. Just right click and click 'save as'. A ...
by Citizen John
Re: Did You SEE Bowman Talking with Bertuzzi?
Huh? He was third in scoring all year long, a lot higher than any Red Wing?!? You call that Logic? Why would Scotty want a Bertuzzi with as much upside as he has? I think Bert clearly won all the ...
by ThreatChaos
As we ready for Game 5
Wings could clinch a birth in the conference finals with a win this afternoon. It's not over, but I don't see the Wings losing three straight to the Pronger-less Blues. Still, if the Wings were to ...
by ironpirate
Re: Epitome of a money... what?
Hopefully you'll see the other reason before the playoffs are over.
by swatters
Stress Free Stanley Cup Finals? Not on Your Life!
Woohoo!!!! I can breath again! the Stanley cup is finally where it should be, after a five year absence. The Penguins put up and excellent fight and towards the end of game five on Monday ...
by Margaret

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