I have a autographed 1996 Stanley cup Puck by Patrick roy
I have a autographed 1996 Stanley cup Puck by Patrick roy
by Guest
Drop the puck already!! :)
I am missin' Wings hockey! I think it will be especially important for the Wings to start out strong at the beginning of this series. Their last series 2 game coast-a-thon almost cost the Wings their ...
by juliedacdedrw
I am looking to sell an autographed red Detroit jersey. Very rare Colleen H...
... ry rare Colleen Howe.. Gordie Howe.. And Scotty Bowman.anyone interested email me . Also have wings puck autographed by the Howes. Have pics of ...
by Guest
Where can I get a red wing dodge ram jersey like the ones they wear out on ...
Where can I get a red wing dodge ram jersey like the ones they wear out on the ice during intermission when they have the contestants shoot the puck?
by Guest
Re: Wings Defense
Let's see how Hudler looks. Too bad about Grigorienko, but if he recovers he'll just be a year late, and we need a center more than a wing right at the moment. Actually, I'm not *too* worried even ...
by swap_v
Re: Datsyuk gets his 200th
I agree with you there.He is way better a puck handler then Crosby!
by DimeBag333
Need help evaluating HUGE wings collection!!
My sister, who was a huge redwings fan (and hockey in general)since the days of the Toledo Goaldiggers, recently passed away. She has a huge collection of hockey memorabilia that needs to be sold to ...
by Redwings Fan Sister
Re: What is wrong with osgood????
... stay more close to the net. There has been alot of times that he would go behind the net to get the puck and if ...
by Beth
Re: Feeling Blue
... in his own zone. He's ->also looking really slow, particularly on powerplays when ->retrieving the puck. I know he was never a speed demon, ...
by EldonSmith
Well, I guess the Avs...
...Won't win ALL their games this year. What a relief to other clubs that we don't just have to hand them the Cup now, eh? Heh. The Wings are more than capable of competing with the Avs. It's just ...
by Orpheus
A Wingnuts Pledge
... ugh my **** off whenever Patrick WAH gets beat glove-side. 2) I will not scream when Hasek plays the puck. 3) I won't whine like an Av fan IF we lose a game. 4) I will still hate Claude ...
by David Zachmeyer
Best sign award?
Best fan sign at game seven .... 'Glove in the air .. Puck in the net!'
by global1000
Wearing a visor makes Maltby a pansy?? I thought it showed he valued his facial features and his eye sight. My bad! I guess real heroes like taking a puck in the eye!
by Orpheus
Re: Bill Clement blew that call
He was probably looking at the puck behind the crossbar. That sort of makes it a goal.
by Myddrin
Re: Game 6 Notes
... dy is working so hard covering up the open man that nobody bothers to pick up .... the guy with the puck. Having said that, there were 2 nifty stops made by Jiri Fischer on Forsberg. ...
by Baranka
Refs hand Wings another one
Vancouver racks up more power play time and *still* loses? How could this possibly be? What spin will Burke throw on this one? Anti-Canuck conspiracy theories aside, here are some rambling musings ...
by freecool
Re: 19 penalties...
I wouldn't go that far. the vancouver refs seemed more biased. the st louis refs seemed to be pretty fair. I thought the calls were pretty cheesy most of the time, but they went both ways. one thing ...
by Sweets18
Re: Patrick Roy in Game 6 - reminiscent of a deer in the headlights ....... tenative and tense.
When I saw Roy drop the puck by the very act of celebrating it, holding it up for all to see as if it were proof of his glory, the term 'fatal flaw' came to mind. I searched and found this: ...
by Housseinafghani
Re: Round Two
->> Predictions for Round II ->I will give it a shot as well, even though this time around ->there are fewer people willing to share the risk of public ->humiliation :) Well, count me in. I've still ...
by nfdouglas
Re: Chelios clip
Ya the final 6 minutes, almost after every stoppage of play **** was thrown on the ice. They had to delay puck drops numerous times to allow the refs to pick **** up
by Sweets18
Re: DET vs. STL Game 4 Thoughts
... ne of those goalies that scares you one minute, then makes an amazing save the next. He did see the puck well most of the time. The Wings did a good job of clearing the lane. I don't think its ...
by Orpheus
Wing Vs Wilds Highlights.
... then forehand and then doing a backhanded toe drag finally pulling it to the right and roofing the puck over the goalies leg. This was quite a momentous game for Goaltender Chris Osgood, Who hadn't ...
by Margaret
Wings Avalanche - 2-3
... ck into the game, Brett Lebada was just doing his job tying to help goal keeper Chris Osgood keep a puck out of the goal by swatting it just before it crossed the goal line. unfortunately, the puck ...
by Margaret
Stress Free Stanley Cup Finals? Not on Your Life!
Woohoo!!!! I can breath again! the Stanley cup is finally where it should be, after a five year absence. The Penguins put up and excellent fight and towards the end of game five on Monday ...
by Margaret
Some Suggestions We Don't Need
... bit connects with the ice. Try it sometime. And that black hard rubber round thingy is called a puck. Use the wooden (or composite) thingy - otherwise known as a stick - to shove it around the ...
by Margaret

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