We need datsyuk back...
... ing on... hossa has been almost absolete, i know he is doing great work with the puk but failing to score,, ...
by wingnut
Re: Zetterberg Red Wing For Life YES:):):)
Faithful to the club. That's a major score with supporters :)
by copper
Re: Avs Vs Wings - An Avs fans promise
... illed. Frankly, if we're on our defensive game, I'll take that over the big guys. And Holmstrom can score. Only within 3 feet of the net on a power play, but he can score. ...
by Sweets18
Re: Datsyuk gets his 200th
Ya Way to go for Datsyuk.He has the speed and the neat moves he dose to score goals. I would just love to see him beat Sidney Crosby all the time by having the puck.
by Beth
Re: What do you think of wings signing mike modano.
Well I'm still out on it.He's 40 and he did score last night.So that shows me that his scoring skills are still there,but he's 6'3" and was intimidating when younger.Now he's 40 and it's a LONG ...
by DimeBag333
Are you glad that Jiri Hudler is back
... liked him. He is funny some times the way he laughts and gets all excited. I would like to see him score goals. LETS GO WINGS. ...
by Beth
Re: Steve yzerman
what do you think the score in the first game between dallas and detroit is going to be?
by fettsy
Re: Feeling Blue
Yes, he made some pretty good saves. We took 40-someodd shots against St. Louis also, and we also lost. Dude, come on. Please stop making excuses for Hasek. He stunk tonight. No big deal, it happens ...
by Atrahasis
Re: Well, I guess the Avs...
... n Kayria; any normal sized person would not have fallen down. All that talent (???) and they cannot score on a 5-3. What is it with the fan in that avs crowd - their clothes look like something they ...
by Mortisluter
Re: Well, now we can drop the C-S stuff
Because the Norris is reserved for defenseman who score. Jackman doesn't.
by adsdating
Re: Wow.
I am sure that the folks in Minnesota and the six people in Anaheim that would watch the game would be a real rating coup for the NHL as they begin to approach TV rights negotiations. BTW - it is ...
by ThreatChaos
Dont mean to jinx him but...
Can Dominic Hasek build on this new playoff record for shutouts in one postseason? For me that is probably the most impressive feat so far accomplished (well, Lalime and Brent Johnson were pretty ...
by adsdating
Re: Mrs Roy in the stands after Olassuns OT goal...hehe - roy.jpg (0/1)
You'd think a guy with 4 Stanley cups could score better than that,
by Mintaoism
Re: Patience my ****!
... ya think he played well enough to win those last losses? And he did make some huge ones to keep the score where we SHOULD have at least tied it. Well, I guess it's all just conjecture now.. it's 2-2 ...
by shawzie
Drop the puck already!! :)
I am missin' Wings hockey! I think it will be especially important for the Wings to start out strong at the beginning of this series. Their last series 2 game coast-a-thon almost cost the Wings their ...
by juliedacdedrw
Re: 19 penalties...
I thought most of the penalty calls were accurate. The only beef I had was, in looking at the box score, how the hell did Jamal Mayers *NOT* get called on that elbow he threw on Chelios at the end of ...
by manchop
Re: Im not going to watch game 7.
Heh, I can cewtainly understand that. But I would suggest taping it, then go out and work on the lawn, bring the kids/wife/girlfriend/buds to a movie, but avoid the local sports bars, actually avoid ...
by chadwarner
Re: Why were they on the ice in the late in the game??
I was at work so I could not see the game. Glad Detroit did not run up the score and give the Canucks extra motivation for Saturday.
by Champion_Munch
Being a Wings fan stuck here in Florida I am subjected to whatever games I can get. ESPN and ESPN2 are my choices tonight. I am SO glad that Wings fans aren't subjected to Jack Edwards' STUPID ...
by kc5qnk
Wings Vs. Flames
Good thing that the Red wings have some depth in their roster so with Dan Cleary and Tomas Holmstorm out injured, the Wings still had enough resources to dig in and win the game against the Flames ...
by Margaret
Red Wings Beat Tampa Bay Lightning
... he penalty box giving the wings a 5-3 man advantage on the ice. Zetterberg to advantage of this and scored his 10th goal of the season with some help from Marian Hossa bringing the game to a 2-2 ...
by Margaret
Stress Free Stanley Cup Finals? Not on Your Life!
... terday I watched most of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals. When I say most I watched until Detroit scored ...
by Margaret
The Next Best Thing to the Wings Winning
Bubba informed me that Team USA beat Team Sweden on Sunday night by a score of 5-1 in the opening, pre-tournament WHC game for both teams. He also says: The Americans have a pretty young ...
by Margaret
Some Suggestions We Don't Need
... uck, if you don’t chase it you’ll never catch it. If you don’t shoot the puck you’ll never score. Pass the puck to the guys wearing the same colour jersey as yourself. It’s one thing to ...
by Margaret

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