Anyone watching or know of a good redwings sports bar in San Diego?
Anyone watching or know of a good redwings sports bar in San Diego?
by Guest
Is there any sports bars near avondale az that would get the...
is there any sports bars near avondale az that would get the red wings/penguins game tonight?
by Guest
Re: 19 tribute to steve yzerman?????
Darn :( Anywayz... it seems like the publishers are "sports illustrated" - a rather mystery since on the internet there is no way to get to their website except through cnn. I will keep trying to ...
by copper
Re: Do you know if Steve Yzerman has any autograph signing any m...
DC Sports in Sterling Heights Michigan June 15th 2014
by Steve Y fan
Wings fan friendly bar in Toronto, Canada.?
... y I have a little bit of taste and cheer for the Wings! Does anyone know where a Wings fan friendly sports bar is in Toronto? Where can I celebrate every Wings victory with Wings ...
by Have a Wing-thing
Re: Streetheartdoowops
i just uploaded it. waiting to be processed. it may be detroit but at at least we have some good sports teams. football is not acknowleged here. my name is Joe. where you from? by the way look up ...
by jtdriver
Why are the Detroit Red Wings so successful year after year?
The Detroit Red Wings are the most successful professional sports team on the planet. Why is that so?
by vteasdale
Re: Fan bars orlando, fl
... oit. They have Red Wings stuff up and they told they try to show Red Wings games and other Detroit sports teams games when the can. But they don't have any special sports ...
by dribbles88
Re: Wings in West Palm Beach? Looking for a place to watch tonig...
I have found Duffy's to be accommodating. Anytime I go in during a Red Wings games and it's not on any of the 20 or 30 TVs, I will ask that one be changed in my view and they have never said no. If ...
by WingsFanGirl
Re: Boston Wings fans??
hey, I know this is an old post... but it's one of the first things that comes up if you google Red Wings in Boston. I figured I'd use the opportunity to promote a free service that myself and a ...
by HuddleUp
Detroit Fans in Central Florida unite!
I started a Facebook group for fans of all the Detroit/Michigan teams to unite. Please DM me if interested and I'll send you the link. You can also search Detroit/Michigan Sports Fans on Facebook.
by mpelc
Re: Cleveland Wings Fans?
In a lifelong wings fan and from Detroit. Live in Cleveland Heights. There's a lot of Detroit sports fans here. Winking Lizard on Coventry usually a plus....
by stingwicki
Re: Dining set
Doesn't look like anything to do with sports :laugh:
by jade
Fort myers florida
do you know of ant redwings sports bars in lee county florida?
by wings13
Re: What Detroit radio station broadcasts the Wing's games.
Here's some info about it:
by jade
Senior Research Project on Red Wings Fans
... ford University, and I’m currently collecting data for my senior research project in the field of sports marketing. As part of the project, I am conducting surveys of Detroit Red Wings Fans. Please ...
by SamfordStudent
Re: What bar in phoenix,az is a Red Wings bar???
well i wud guess any sports bar because the phenoix arizone game is on tonight i beileve game 7 so it will be good aginst the red wings
by Zettaberg#1
My husband bought a framed Yzerman Sports Ilustrated picture and jersey picture, but they are not signed. How can I get this done for him?
by Need Yzerman autograph
Any suggestions on where to watch game 7 in Twin Cites?
Anyone out there that may know of a sports bar in Minneapolis/St Paul that supports the Red Wings?
by BCBeek
... tch the game friday, any one wishing to watch with a few other wingnuts can stop by Jessies Extreme sports bar in Margate on Atlantic east of 441.Cold ...
by 11 cups
My colleague and I are starting up a Detroit Red Wings Fan Club right here in St. Louis. We are currently working on an agreement with the Savis Center to reserve either a Suite, or an ENTIRE ...
by NDdude
Re: Steve yzerman
... esterday and ran into this search-enginethat seems to specialize in ebay. they also like hockey and sports so they might be a good ...
by Margaret
Re: Dombrowski Rumored for M's GM Post
At the risk of alienating of Hockey lovers everywhere, so am I! Heck, without Hockey the Detroit sports schene would be pretty ugly (Okay, we have some good stuff from the Pistons, but they still ...
by TicoCG47
Weird playoffs. Avs AND Wings are done in the first round. What's worse? Getting swept by the worst team in the playoffs, or getting up 3 to 1 in a series against an expansion team, then losing? The ...
by Mintaoism
Gary Thorne's mispronunciations and misidentifications are laughable .. I would much rather have the loal FoxSports Detroit coverage or CBC but DirecTV goes with ESPN. I used to watch the TV ...
by salibello
Re: Funny Hasek cartoon
Thanks! That's pretty **** funny.
by Euler
Re: Forsberg
... ndatory time of playing during the regular season to be eligible for the play offs. I could have my sports confused. As I said the guy ...
by Sweets18
David Braileys trying to move the Expos to Vancouver
Did anybody else see this on Sports Page last night? Apparently, David Brailey has thought about buying the Expos and moving them to Vancouver. Of course, it's all a pipe dream. All we have here is ...
by Mintaoism
Re: Chelios clip
It's called no class. Kinda like Detroit sports fans in general. Chelios should just hope he doesn't meet the Toronto psycho farm in the ...
by Mortisluter
Re: Im not going to watch game 7.
... en go out and work on the lawn, bring the kids/wife/girlfriend/buds to a movie, but avoid the local sports bars, actually avoid beer all together, it will cloud your ...
by chadwarner
Re: Most important moment in Avs history. (Was: Re: Hockey, love, and life)
And the Wings wouldn't have won a cup if they hadn't drafted Steve Yzerman, the point to both stories is that I hate sports fans.
by vertyuj
Re: Colorado succumbs..
Hmm I don't watch much TV, other than sports and news. Is this a character from that '****' show?
by angellovely18
Something to think about!
... personaly think that the are going to come out stronger than ever, but thats the great thing about sports is that you never know. Let me know what you ...
by usmc_1230
The Educated Mascot
Have you ever considered being a mascot? Did you ever wonder what the job description for a sports mascot would look like? The Minnesota Wilds, one of only 7 teams not to have a mascot is looking ...
by Margaret
The Stanley Cup to Be Used In Babtisim
in a previous post I wrote about Kirk Maltby and his plans for his time with the Stanley Cup. Now it seems that new uses are being invented for the Stanley cup. according to the Toronto Star ...
by Margaret
New Years Game Wings Vs Blackhawks at Wrigley
Rumor has it....well, not rumor but Christy says that the Minneapolis Star Tribune says that According to an NHL source, the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings will participate in the ...
by Margaret
Need a New Hero - How About Fleury?!
Inspin Sports insider says Pens goalie Marc-Andre Fleury hadn't allowed more than nine goals in any of the team's first three playoff series. He has allowed seven through two games against ...
by Margaret

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