Vancouver 11/3
gawd. i signed up for the center ice package for THIS? detroit looked like a beer league team tonight. their outlet passes were sloppy, they weren't focused, and their defense was nonexistent. did ...
by bhaubkorwin
David Braileys trying to move the Expos to Vancouver
Did anybody else see this on Sports Page last night? Apparently, David Brailey has thought about buying the Expos and moving them to Vancouver. Of course, it's all a pipe dream. All we have here is ...
by Mintaoism
Road trip hotels
Anyone know where the Wings stay when in Anaheim,L.A.,San Jose, and Vancouver?
by greatgordie
Re: Tickets Wing/Blues
For all the empty seats in the Joe against Vancouver, I wouldn't think that it would be all that difficult.
by global1000
Getting Datsyuk to sign my Detroit jersey
My dad and i will be at the game on jan8th in vancouver. my dad is from ottawa and loved detroit from day one,every one in his family loved the canadiens since they are all french canadian but he ...
by mathieu mauviel
Re: Game 6 Notes
I'm not going to **** about you bitching about all the bitching, but..... The surprising thing about Duchesne is that he's done almost nothing on the offensive end. Perhaps he figured the best way ...
by hcg88b
Re: Congrats from a Canuck fan
enders... But that 'money problem' isn't close to as bad as some Wings fans seem to think. Vancouver isn't as bad as Edmonton or Calgary... the Canucks haven't let a single player go outright 'cause ...
by Sweets18
Refs hand Wings another one
Vancouver racks up more power play time and *still* loses? How could this possibly be? What spin will Burke throw on this one? Anti-Canuck conspiracy theories aside, here are some rambling musings ...
by freecool
Re: Round Two
I will give it a shot as well, even though this time around there are fewer people willing to share the risk of public humiliation :) Both teams are strong, in fact I am worried about Blues playing ...
by Lily Evans
19 penalties...
Almost makes ya wish for the Vancouver refs. OK- not really,
by nfdouglas
Re: Chelios clip
als/27chelios_chris1a.mpg Although as a Blues fan I'm required to 'hate' Chelios , that was a hilarious clip! If any fans deserve it, it's Vancouver fans.
by Citizen John
Re: Kirk Maltby-stick or *****-dont matter!
Read the previous post, and you see I was responding to sms' post................ and sorry, but I'd say the Avs have twice the talent San Jose does........... the Sharks are hangin in that series ...
by Mortisluter
Re: Why were they on the ice in the late in the game??
An interesting note on sportsmanship. Even though the game was out of reach fairly early, Vancouver played an honest, non-cheap game. Especially after watching Zednik heading to the moon at the end ...
by chadwarner
Detroit Red Wings News Flashes
A Few News Flashes. 1. Hockey Canada's president, Nicholson, annnounced Steave Yzerman the executive director of Canadas National Mens Olympic team for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver ...
by Margaret

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